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    Discovering value in the world's data
    Modern fixed income
    In today's fast moving markets, an objective strategy using modern methods is imperative to reaching your goals.
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    Defensive high income solutions fitted for a low interest environment.
    Real Estate Expertise
    Non traditionnal investments that help diversify risk.
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    Data is the heart of quantitative research.
    Sharing ideas is crucial
    Sharing ideas is integral to how we solve hard problems.
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    Amid an ocean of data?
    We help you navigate
    Investors trust us with their assets. It is our job to help them attain their long term objectives.

Nymbus Capital | Modern Investment Management

Nymbus Capital is a Canadian investment management firm specialized in fixed income and alternative investments serving primarily institutional and high net worth clients. The firm leverages its quantitative expertise to offer next generation investment solutions with a singular focus on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Principles

Manage risk

All investments need to start with risk analysis, not the traditionally taught benchmark comparisons.

Be data-driven

Investment ideas must offer an asymmetric, positively skewed risk-reward profile.

Strive for consistency

Nymbus does not manage portfolios based on attempts to anticipate changes in rates.

Measure to improve

Monitoring performance using a wide array of statistical data is the only way to objectively and consistently improve.

Diversify & stay liquid

Risk exposures within portfolios, rather than simple sector allocations, must be truly diversified.

Execution drives results

Value-added can be generated from every aspect of operations; every detail counts and small opportunities add up.