Fixed income

Nymbus leverages its quantitative expertise to offer next generation fixed income solutions with a singular focus on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Quantitative Fixed Income Strategies

Investors seeking to balance equity holdings in an aggressive investment portfolio with a lower volatility fixed income option should consider the Nymbus quantitative fixed income strategies. History has shown that there is a typically low correlation between the equity and fixed income markets. Therefore, employing our fixed insome strategies in combination with an equity portfolio may allow for greater diversification and potentially reduces the risk of swings in the portfolio’s value.

Quant Canadian Fixed Income

For investors seeking increased fixed income diversification and the possibility of higher investment returns relative to the FTSE TMX Canada Universe Bond Index. The strategy searches for value in every sector of the Canadian bond market and changes the structure of the interest rate curve to further diminish duration risk. Thus, the strategy could be used as a “core” fixed income holding.

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Quant Global Income

For income-oriented investors who seek a bond investment offering the potential for a relatively high and consistent stream of income with an emphasis on high-quality fixed income securities. The strategy is managed using the firm's quantitative analytical capacities in an effort to maximize income while maintaining a relatively low risk profile.

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Alternative Investments

Strategies that take a flexible approach to capturing opportunities and managing risk. Nymbus alternative investments strive to actively mitigate downside risk, provide attractive risk-adjusted returns and enhance the diversification benefits of traditional portfolios.

Defensive Alternative Investments

Nymbus alternative investment strategies seek maximum long-term total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management. By removing benchmark constraints, the strategies gain significant latitude to tap into tactical opportunities. Their defensive capabilities help to achieve positive returns across a wide range of market environments. The strategies seek to provide many of the benefits associated with conservative asset allocations – such as capital preservation, liquidity and diversification – while achieving positive absolute returns over full market cycles.

Folco Long/Short Equities

The strategy offers exposure to a combination of a long diversified portfolio of high quality defensive equities alongside a short exposure to weaker companies. The strategy uses a contrarian approach and focuses on REITs and other defensive real asset industries to provide significant excess-returns with a low correlation to Canadian equities markets.

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Folco Real Estate

For investors seeking a diversified portfolio of high quality real estate equities with the objective of providing high and consistent income in a risk-controlled framework. Listed commercial real estate provides consistent income streams, leverage to economic growth and offers potential hedge against inflation.

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